Tuvula the Invegineer

Name: Tuvula

Clan: Invengineer

Daily work: Tuvula is in charge of tallying up the results coming out of Santa’s special machine, to figure out how many children are on the Nice List. This is a hard job, but Tuvula is a very smart and hard-working elf.

Personality: Generous and imaginative

Favourite activity: Tuvula loves to make up stories and share them with the other elves. Whenever she can, she goes to her favourite, cozy and tiny corner of Santa’s Library to read.

Little-known fact: Some say that Tuvula’s love of reading started before she was born. As you know, elves are born out of poinsettia plants in Mrs. Claus’ enchanted Greenhouse. Mrs. Claus put Tuvula’s poinsettia plant in Santa’s Library for a few days, while she was doing some tidying up in the Greenhouse. This is probably why Tuvula loves stories so much.

This one time: At the Annual North Pole Talent Show, Tuvula read one of her famous bedtime stories and everyone in the room was so relaxed that they fell asleep.

Ambition: Tuvula would love to have one of her stories published in book for kids and sent to children all over the world.

Catchphrase: “Once upon a time…”