Name: Senöki

Animal: Snowy Owl

Personality: Quiet and Cuddly

Daily Work: To learn to be brave and believe in himself. Senöki trains with his family and visits the Holhooja elves regularly.

Hobbies: Collecting pretty stones and other trinkets from the forest.

Little-known fact: Senöki knows the secret to getting a good sleep and sweet dreams, he always sleeps with the stuffed toy that his friend Kara made for him.

This one time: When Senöki was helping out the Holhooja elves he slipped and tumbled into a bucket of magical lichen. The little owl was sneezing for days!

Ambition: To be the biggest and strongest of the stardust owls, and help the Holhooja elves collect stardust to power all of Santa's Village.

Catchphrase: I may be small but I have a big heart!