Sanoma the Postationist

Name: Sanoma

Clan: Chief SpokesElf of Santa’s Village & Head Postationist

Personality: Wise and efficient

Daily work: Sanoma is the Chief Postationist elf. This means that he is in charge of the Office of Human Relations and acts as the spokesperson for Santa’s Village.

Hobby: Sanoma often relaxes with Santa over a hot chocolate at the end of a hard day. It’s rare that an elf will have this privilege but Santa and Sanoma have known each other for ages!

Little known fact: Sanoma is 695 years old… but doesn’t look a day over 119!

This one time... Sanoma spent a year studying humans in Alaska. He loved learning all about how we live. He made many friends and sometimes travels down there to visit the Do-Good elves he met during his stay.

Ambition: Sanoma wants every Christmas to be a flawlessly executed operation.

Catchphrase: “We haven’t seen a storm like this since December 1747!”