Name: Okidä

Animal: Husky

Personality: He is an excitable and friendly puppy who is very loyal, and can be quite stubborn.

Daily work: Okidä’s self-appointed daily task is keeping everyone in the village happy and cheery. He loves to try and greet everyone in the village at least once each day and bring a smile to their face with her silly antics. He’s best friends with Lanky, the Do-Good elf.

Hobby: Digging! Okidä loves to dig anywhere, anytime.

Little known fact: Huskies don’t bark, instead they howl like wolves. Okidä howls along while the elves sing and whistle!

This one time: Okidä once unintentionally buried Lanky’s favorite hat in the snow. When he realized, he spent two days searching to get it back. Luckily it was no worse for the wear, and Okidä has learned to avoid burying important items since then.

Ambition: To make friends with everyone in the North Pole.

Catchphrase: “Everything is better with friends!”