Nörra the Holhooja

Name: Nörra

Clan: Holhooja

Personality: Strong and out-going. (Sometimes she can be quite rowdy and loud.)

Daily work: Each year, after the Summer Games, Nörra is paired with one of the reindeer chosen to pull Santa’s sleigh. She helps that reindeer train for the Grand Gift Delivery on Christmas Eve. She is best friends with the reindeer, Blupinne, ever since they were partnered a few seasons ago.

Hobby: Nörra loves yoga, because she’s very flexible. She tried to teach her friends in Santa’s Village… but not everyone is as bendy as her.

Little known fact: When her poinsettia bloomed, there were three baby elves inside instead of just one! The three sisters, Nörra, Nöli, and Nikäri, have very different personalities, but they’re all funny, and love each other very much (and they all have the same, big laugh!)

This one time… Nörra was hiking in the forest when, to her surprise, she came upon a lost baby polar bear. Most elves are nervous around bears, they’re so big! But not Nörra. She gave the baby bear a snack from her satchel to cheer it up and gave it a ride on her back. Together, they hiked all the way to the ice where the bears live. The mother bear was so happy to see her cub that she scooped them both up in a huge bear hug!

Ambition: To be the best reindeer trainer she possibly can.

Catchphrase: “Believe in yourself and be hELFy!”