Nöli the Postationist

Name: Nöli

Clan: Postationist

Personality: Quick-witted and clever

Daily Work: Nöli’s postationist duties keep her on the computer quite a bit. She specializes in receiving, sorting and answering all the emails that are sent to Santa’s Village!

Hobbies: Nöli adores jokes, riddles and and playful Christmas word play. She’s always making other elves laugh with her clever quips.

Little-known fact: She is the only elf that has ever stumped Sanoma with one of her riddles. What was the riddle? You’ll have to ask her!

This one time:  She walked up to her sister Nörra the Holhooja holding an umbrella. She asked if Nörra could give the umbrella to Kaino. When asked why, Nöli responded: “Because he’s a RAIN deer!”

Ambition: To make the email service in Santa’s Village fast, reliable and bursting with Christmas cheer!
Catchphrase: Can you solve this riddle?