Name: Nöbi

Animal: Husky

Personality: Reliable

Daily Work: Nöbi is one of the lead sled dogs in the North Pole, and he helps train other dogs to be part of the team. For trips that Santa and the elves need to take in the North Pole, sledding is the best way!

Hobbies: When he's not working Nöbi loves to play and dig in the snow. If there are others to play with it's even better!

Little-known fact: Like father, like son. Okidä got his love of digging and burying things from his Nöbi.

This one time: Nöbi dug all the way into the Ice Grotto, and the elves had to patch up the hole! He helped fix his mistake of course.

Ambition: To go faster, and dig deeper, than any dog before!

Catchphrase: Work together and you can do it!