Nikäri the Invengineer

Name: Nikäri

Clan: Invengineer

Personality: Curious and artistic

Daily Work: Nikäri maintains the Wrapping Machine and makes sure it runs smoothly. She’s especially fond of filling the wrapping paper dispenser with all sorts of fun designs and patterns. It combines her job as an Invengineer with her love of art, colors, and presents!

Hobbies: Nikäri loves coming up with new patterns for the wrapping paper used for the gifts in Santa’s Village. She even paints her ideas on canvases, so her home is filled with brightly-coloured paintings. She’s also endlessly curious about everything, and she sometimes doesn’t realize she’s asking so many questions.

Little-known fact: A rare set of triplets with her sisters Norrä and Nöli, Nikäri was the last one out of their magic poinsettia when it bloomed, so they all agree she’s technically the youngest!

This one time: Nikäri once followed Lanky around for 3 hours, asking him questions about everything from the places he’s visited, the colours he’s seen and all the different children he was watching over. Lanky managed to sneak away and hid from her in the Ice Grotto until his next assignment.  

Ambition: To continue coming up with artistic and colourful gadgets, and to start the first ever wrapping paper art gallery in Santa’s Village.

Catchphrase: Wouldn’t this make a pretty wrapping paper?