Name: Malta

Animal: Reindeer

Personality: Shy and delicate

Daily Work: Malta has been on Santa's sleigh team a few times, and spends her days practising to become faster and more elegant.

Hobbies: Some nights, Malta likes to join in parties that the Crafticians throw. She loves dancing along with the elves.

Little-known fact: Malta is also known as “Ballerina,” her steps are so elegant and her hooves so delicate, it seems like she’s always walking on her tiptoes.

This one time: Malta decided that she was going to learn to ice skate. She had the Crafticians build her some special skates so she could join in!

Ambition: Malta wants to do her best to make sure that all of the Nice children in the world always get their presents and have a lovely Christmas.

Catchphrase: I can do good, and look nice doing it!