Leena the Postationist

Name: Leena

Clan: Postationist

Personality: Very organized and interested in facts from all over the world.

Daily work: Leena sorts all of the mail coming into the Santa’s Village Post Office.

Hobby: She has a HUGE Christmas stamp collection that fills several stamp albums which she keeps by her bed. Leena’s favourite stamp is from a very remote tropical island because the palm trees and golden sand are so different than the snow and pine trees in Santa’s Village.

Little-known fact: Leena speaks almost all of the world’s languages (she has a very good memory). She learned these by reading letters from kids all over the world. If you need to translate something – she is the right elf to ask.

This one time... For Christmas in 2010, Leena’s best friend Lunöt gave her an atlas as a present. She carries it everywhere she goes!

Ambition: Leena hopes one day to be able to accompany Santa Claus on his trip around the world. She is very curious to see all of the countries she’s read so much about. Because Santa’s sleigh is so full of presents, it’s hard for him to bring her along.

Catchphrase: “Did you know….?”