Lanky the Do-Good Elf

Name: Lanky

Clan: Do-Good

Personality: Fun loving and generous

Daily Work: Lanky is a senior Do-Good elf, which means he’s been so good at his job for so long that he’s in charge of helping new Do-Good elves learn how to do their jobs, and guiding them through their first interactions in the human world.

Hobbies: Nothing makes Lanky happier than making others happy. During his visits back to Santa’s Village to report on the children he watches over, he always makes time to be his lovable goofball self and put a smile on the faces of everyone he meets.

Little-known fact: While most young elves spend time with each of the elf clans to figure out just what they’re best at, Lanky knew from the very start that being a Do-Good elf was just the right fit for him.

This one time:  Lanky was leading a group of young elves to their first assignments in the human world, dropping them off one by one at the houses where they would watch over their first children. The very last elf, Paxxie, was terribly nervous about his first assignment. When Lanky saw this he knew just what to do, and he stayed with him in the human’s home that whole first night, telling him jokes and stories to help him get over his nerves.

Ambition: To be the absolute best at spreading happiness and good cheer.

Catchphrase: Laughter is the best medicine!