Kyöpi the Kapunki

Name: Kyöpi

Clan: Kapunki

Personality: Punctual and lively

Daily Work: Kyöpi is the traffic conductor in Santa’s Village. He makes sure every street is maintained and every train runs on time.

Hobbies: Kyöpi has the biggest train set in the North Pole. It features a model of almost every train ever built, even one that runs on stardust!  

Little-known fact: Kyöpi almost became a Do-Good elf so he could see all the trains in the world. But he couldn’t bear to leave Santa’s Village for so long, away from his friends and his train set.

This one time: Kyöpi once followed Tarina, a Do-Good elf, when she visited Canada to watch over a child. He ended up stowing away on The Rocky Mountaineer train line. For days, he was wonderstruck watching lovely people travel all over as he gazed at the beautiful Rocky Mountains as they rolled by.  

Ambition: To make a model train track that runs across all of Santa’s Village. It might even be a good way for the smaller animals that live there to get around.

Catchphrase: ALL ABOARD!