Kuniklö the Snowshoe Hare

Name: Kuniklö

Animal: Snowshoe Hare

Daily work: Kuniklö’s hero is Head Chef Gordot. He loves being helpful in the kitchen and is very good at finding special ingredients in the forest near Santa’s Village, where he lives.

Hobby: Taste-testing new recipes.

Little known fact: Kuniklö’s ears are a little bit smaller than usual, and his hearing isn’t very good but he makes up for it with his fantastic sense of smell.

This one time… Kuniklö’s brothers and sisters decided to visit him at the kitchen in Santa’s Village. Gordot was quite startled when he came in to find his kitchen full of hopping hares, but then he baked them a yummy carrot cake to share!

Ambition: To be the best chef’s assistant he possibly can.

Catchphrase: “Every little bit helps.”