Körry the Invengineer

Name: Körry

Clan: Invengineer elf

Personality: Creative dreamer

Daily work: Körry in charge of inventing machines that are used for the analysis of children’s files. They help Santa determine who will be on the nice list.

Hobby: Körry loves playing games, especially charades!

Little known fact: Körry was once involved in a small explosion in the Toy Lab. He was working with the Crafticians on a project, and suddenly the machine blew up… Thank goodness he was wearing his safety goggles!

This one time… Körry invented the amazing machine that revolutionized the way children’s files are analyzed in Santa’s Village. He dreamed up a way of using magical dust to collect information with a cloud.

Ambition: Körry’s next project is top secret for now. Stay tuned to find out what he's working on!

Catchphrase: What if…?