Karamelli the Reindeer

Name: Karamelli

Clan: Reindeer

Personality: Sweet and Shy

Daily Work: To learn how to be more outgoing and one day become part of Santa’s sleigh team.

Hobbies: Quiet and curious, Karamelli likes to study the elves and animals working and playing in Santa’s Village. She prefers to learn by watching, and the elves are happy to oblige her and tend to leave her be and let her observe them.

Little-known fact: Karamelli is less shy around the Kapunkis that work in the kitchen. She likes to lick their fingers after they’ve made cookies, there’s often sugar on them!

This one time: Okidä once wanted to play with Karamelli near the Magic Lake. The playful husky’s energy was a bit overwhelming to her, but she reluctantly followed him. While he was chasing a nearby firefly, Okidä took a tumble and ended up completely wrapped in lichen fronds. Karamelli answered his sad little howls and used her horns to set him free.

Ambition: To learn to be less shy and train hard to be part of Santa’s sleigh team.

Catchphrase: **blushes**