Name: Kara

Clan: Holhooja

Personality: Sweet and loving

Daily Work: Kara works and trains with the reindeer who are picked for Santa's sleigh team each year. She plans excercises, meals, and does everything she can to help make sure her reindeer partner is in top shape. Kara has been paired with Kipina 3 times!

Hobbies: Kara loves to make carvings from wood. Mostly she carves little animals, and she loves to give them to others as gifts.

Little-known fact: Kara almost chose to become a Craftician instead of a Holhooja. She is very good at making things, but her love of animals was stronger and in the end she chose to follow her heart.

This one time: Kara had an igloo building contest with Norra, both of the elves ended up building house sized igloo and it was declared a draw!

Ambition: To help everyone she meets realize just how awesome they are.

Catchphrase: I believe in you!