Kaino the Reindeer

Name: Kaino

Animal: Reindeer

Personality: Gentle and ambitious

Daily work: Kaino is the youngest reindeer ever to pull Santa’s sleigh.

Hobby: Kaino practices his flying skills by doing impressive twirls and flips in the sky all over the world. If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot him dancing around in the sky above you.

Little known fact: Kaino loves having his nose rubbed. While this makes most reindeer sneeze, Kaino will start to nod off to sleep immediately if you pet his velvety nose.

This one time… Kaino was bitten by a crab when Santa landed on a beach in Hawaii. Despite his sore hoof, Kaino finished the evening gracefully and Santa was very proud of him.

Ambition: Kaino would love to beat another record in Santa’s Village: he wants to be on Santa’s Christmas Eve team for the most years in a row. The record is 20 years, and Kaino is up to 5. Wish him luck!

Catchphrase: “Let’s go skydancing!”