Häni the Littlest Reindeer

Name: Häni

Animal: Reindeer

Personality: Curious and energetic

Daily work: Häni is the littlest reindeer ever born in Santa’s Village but he was eager to meet the children of the world, so he snuck off from the Polar Ranch to go on adventures.

Hobby: Making friends with children.

Little known fact:  Häni is the only reindeer in the history of the Polar Ranch to be born with snow-white horns. His horns do not shed like some of the other reindeer, and when he wiggles them, he can read the wishes in children’s hearts.

This one time: When Häni was just a baby, even though his little legs were still quite wobbly, his curiosity led him from the Polar Ranch to Mrs. Claus’ Greenhouse, where he crawled into an Elf Case and was accidentally posted off to the world like the baby Do-Good Elves!

Ambition: To be chosen to fly on Santa’s sleigh team one day.

Catchphrase: “Christmas wishes do come true.”