Gordot the Kapunki

Name: Gordot

Clan: Kapunki

Personality: He's a perfectionist...and a little reserved

Daily work: Gordot is the Head Chef of Santa’s Village. Gordot’s first elf job was fixing and cleaning machines in the village but Mrs. Claus quickly noticed his talent in the kitchen and took him under her wing. Now, he is in charge of planning and co-ordinating all the festive meals and feasts in the village.

Hobby: Gordot loves cooking and baking, especially desserts (he has quite the sweet tooth!)

Little known fact: Mrs. Claus will often taste-test Gordot's creations. Once she tried an experimental souffle recipe he created, but he must have put a dollop too much of some magical cream because it was so fluffy it started floating... and then SHE started floating. Gordot took a taste and he began lifting off the kitchen floor. Santa walked in and thought it was very funny. The magic only lasted a few minutes, but Gordot didn't try that recipe again!

This one time... Gordot caught Nörra making a mess in the kitchen. It turns out she was trying to figure out how to make herself healthier meals. Since then, she and Gordot meet regularly to discuss healthy food and new recipes for all of the elves.

Ambition: One day he hopes to make the biggest cake ever baked in Santa's Village. The Invengineers keep telling him the cake will probably topple over because it will be too heavy. He won't give up, though.

Catchphrase: "It needs more sugar!"