The PNP Drone

Name: Drone

Clan: The first ever A.E ( Artificial Elf ) in the North Pole

Personality: Dedicated and chatty

Daily Work: Helping Sanoma communicate within Santa’s Village and keeping an eye on the more mischievous elves

Hobbies: Filling her memory banks with Christmas stories and learning all about what it takes to be a great elf!

Little-known fact: Ajatus used parts from every elf clan when building her, which means Drone is a Craftician, a Holhooja, an Invengineer, a Kapunki, a Do-Good AND a Postationist!  

This one time: While reading up on one of his children’s Big Books, Santa was lulled to sleep by the soft humming sound made by Drone, who was hovering nearby. Santa never even noticed she was there.

Ambition: To learn enough about every elf clan so she can help all the elves in their work around Santa’s Village.

Catchphrase: ** Updating Christmas Files **