Blupinne the Reindeer

Name: Blupinne

Animal: Reindeer

Personality: Trusting, quiet and strong

Daily work: Blupinne is a reindeer-in-training for Santa's sleigh team. Her quiet and tough demeanor helps her work hard every day so she can do her best at helping Santa deliver gifts around the world.

Hobby: Blupinne loves to eat. She likes all kinds of different treats but prefers healthy snacks like vegetables to give her energy through the day.

Little known fact:  Blupinne is extremely strong. Once while decorating a very tall tree, she balanced 11 elves on her antlers so they could put the star on the tippy top.

This one time: One of the more mischievous elves once replaced Blupinne’s magic lichen with spinach. With a running start, she tried to fly and ended up sliding into a bushel of Merry Prairie Berries. She would have been upset at the prank, but Blupinne loves berries.

Ambition: To be the best sleigh team reindeer in North Pole history.

Catchphrase: “I can lift that”