Ajatus the Invengineer

Name: Ajatus

Clan: Invengineer

Personality: Spunky and energetic

Daily Work: Ajatus spends her days inventing new technology and teaching other elves. She is a great mentor to her crack team of geeky tech elves.

Hobbies: Helping her Invengineers brainstorm and come up with new ideas, then putting those ideas into action!

Little-known fact: Ajatus has a bad habit of chewing on the ends of her pencils without realizing it. Noticing this, some of the Invengineers surprised her one Christmas with a jar of special candy-tasting chew-tastic pencils, that you can chew on and never break!

This one time:  Ajatus was working out an extremely complicated formula, and she was so focused on her thoughts that she ended up walking into a gift wrapping supply closet. The door ended up getting stuck behind her and no one found her for most of the day! When they did, she had written all over the back of an entire roll of wrapping paper, and figured out her formula!

Ambition: To never stop coming up with new ideas.

Catchphrase: If we put our heads together we can do anything!