The Sock Drawer - Santa's Village Stories - PNP

Five elves were enjoying a picnic just outside Santa’s village one day, when a blustery northern wind scooped them up!

The first elf, Retki, found his way home by following a red star on the horizon.

The second elf, Kyoki, was delivered home by mail.

The third elf, Kara, was carried home on the back of a flying zebra.

The fourth elf, Tarina, got a ride home on Santa’s sleigh.

The fifth elf in the group, Makea, was one freezing little elf! The wind had carried him beyond the polar circle, where he landed at the back of a house. He noticed hot air coming out of a pipe on the wall. He held out his hands and hoped the hot air would stop him from getting frostbite. When the hot air suddenly stopped, the elf muttered a few incomprehensible words and shrunk, shrunk, shrunk, to climb inside the pipe.

He landed in a tumble dryer, in a cozy pile of clean clothes. Exhausted from his journey, Makea burrowed inside a wool sock and fell fast asleep. He woke up to find himself inside a drawer; someone had put the pile of socks away without noticing the little stowaway! For days he stayed in the drawer, popping his head out from time to time to watch the comings and goings around the house. There was a nice atmosphere in this home, full of love and harmony. It was the kind of house that makes you feel right at home.

One morning, when the elf was alone, he saw the computer switch on, and Sanoma — the elf in charge of human relations — appeared on the screen.

“There you are!” said the 694-year-old elf. “Your four friends are already home, you’re the only one still missing. I’ll send a team right away to bring you back to the North Pole.”

The little elf shook his head from left to right. He didn’t want to go home.

He didn’t miss the cold weather and all the hard work of the North Pole. He preferred his new life, living in the sock drawer of a small human.

The fifth elf never did return to Santa’s village.