The Christmas Red Star - Santa's Village Stories - PNP

Five elves were enjoying a picnic just outside Santa’s village one day when a blustery northern wind scooped them up!

The first elf, Retki, landed in a clearing in the middle of the Boreal forest. He was so shaken up by the wind, he didn’t know which way to walk to get back to the village. He took a few steps in one direction, then a few in another, but he still couldn’t find his way. Anxious to get home, he sat down to think.

He remembered that Santa’s reindeer followed the stars to find their way home. “If simple reindeer can do it, why can’t I?” he said to himself. The elf climbed to the top of the highest tree in the forest and waited for nightfall. It wasn’t long before thousands of stars came out in the sky. But how would he know which to follow to find his way home?

Just as he was starting to feel defeated, Retki noticed one star that was redder and brighter than the others. The bright star started dancing up and down, as if to say, “Follow me!”

Quickly, he climbed back down the tree and ran at full speed toward the strange light.

Once again, he started to feel lost. So he climbed up another tree and found the little red light bouncing up and down in the sky. “Thank you for guiding me home, just like you guide the reindeer,” he thought.

Finally, on top of a hill, he spotted the outline of the reindeer's’ stables. He had succeeded! Home wasn’t too far away.

He looked up to the sky to thank the star…then suddenly he realized that the bright light that had been guiding him home was actually coming from Santa’s sleigh, as the reindeer were training and pulling the sleigh through the night sky.

Retki slept soundly that night, hoping that Santa’s sleigh would also guide his four lost friends home.

Time to rest your eyes now. Good night then, sleep tight.