The Do-Good Elves

During the weeks before Christmas, the Do-Good elves are busier than ever. They are always coming and going through the Magic Door and checking in on all the children of the world.

The Do-Good elves must report back with updates for these children’s Big Books, and they also do all that they can to help make sure that each child makes it onto the nice list.

Three of these elves are Tarina, Dainty, and Olly. Each one watches over many families, but these are just a few that they are watching over this year.

The family that Tarina is watching is a family with a big brother and a little sister, Sophia. Everyone is so very busy getting ready for Christmas that no one seems to have any time to spend with Sophia, even her big brother.

Little Sophia isn’t sure what to do, but she does feel ignored, and very lonely, so she starts to misbehave. Tarina knows that this isn’t good, and have to think quick if she wants to help make sure that Sophia stays on the nice list where she belongs.

Luckily, Tarina has an idea. She knows that Sophia’s big brother cares about her a lot, so she just needs to get his attention. When no one is paying attention she grabs one of Sophia’s toys from her room and sneaks it into her brother’s room. Now all she needs to do is wait.

It takes some time, but eventually, he comes back to his room for something and noticed the toy on his floor. He realizes that he hasn’t been spending much time with his little sister and decides to go and play with her for a while.

Good job Tarina!

In the family that Dainty is watching there is only a single boy, Carter, and he is used to having a lot of attention from his parents, and not needing to share his toys. Now that Christmas is coming soon, all sorts of relatives have been visiting! It has been much more crowded and noisy.

Little Carter doesn’t want to share his toys with his cousins and doesn’t think it’s fair that he has to. Dainty thinks that he may have to do something to help, but then Carter’s mother takes him aside and has a talk with him. She tells her son that she understands it’s hard when everything is very different and that it would be so nice of him to share his toys. To remember that Santa wants Carter to be on the nice list this year.

Carter thinks about what his mother said and decides that it will be best if he does share his toys. It turns out to be a whole lot of fun to play with his cousins too!

Dainty is proud, Carter made a very kind decision after all.

Olly the elf is watching the third family, and this is a big one. There are three younger sisters and an older brother, Mason. Olly has been watching over Mason for quite a few years now, he used to read Christmas stories every night while Mason was asleep, and do his very best to encourage Mason to be good. Olly is so proud of what a good boy Mason has turned out to be.

The three little girls are still learning just how to be nice, and sometimes they act out, but Mason is always very patient with them and does his best to teach them. He makes sure to always set a good example by being good himself so that his little sisters can see. Sometimes this can be very difficult, but he knows that he used to act out too and that they will learn better with his help.

This house is always filled with love, and it’s one of Olly’s favorite places to visit. He always returns to Santa’s Village with lots of wonderful notes to add to their Big Books.

It looks like Tarina, Dainty, and Olly will all have their children on the nice list this year, and they couldn’t be happier!

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