The Elf Triplets

Mrs. Claus and the Kapunki elves take the best care of the most important flowers in the North Pole, the Polar Poinsettias, and they are kept in a very special inner garden in the Enchanted Greenhouse.

Each and every year, at the start of the year, the poinsettias bloom. This is a special occasion for many reasons. It is a rare thing, since the flowers only bloom once a year, and even more importantly when a poinsettia blooms it may open up to reveal a baby elf.

Ever so rarely a poinsettia might even have 2 baby elves inside! But this story is about an even rarer event…

This is one of the coldest winters in the North Pole, which is saying quite a lot, and the Kapunki are working double time to make sure that the Enchanted Greenhouse stays lovely and warm. Double checking the doors and casings, re-working the magic that keeps the plants safe, and spending extra time checking on the Polar Poinsettias.

The morning of the new year the poinsettias begin to glow, and Mrs. Claus gets ready to welcome the new baby elves that will bloom just like every year, but something odd happens. Only one of the poinsettias glows brighter and begins to open.

To Mrs. Claus and the Kapunki’s surprise, only this one poinsettia bloomed, and inside were not one, not two, but three baby elves!

Nöra, Nikäri, and Nöli. The three sisters grew up together and were all so very similar. They went out into the world together and learned Naughty from Nice, always together.

When they came back to Santa’s Village to decide which clan they would join, they suddenly discovered just how many differences they had.

Nörra, who was loud and strong and loved the outdoors, was drawn to the Holhooja clan. Nikäri, who was curious and creative, wanted dearly to invent things with the Invengineers. While clever and caring Nöli was drawn to the Postationists.

It was the first time the sisters had considered doing something different than each other, and it was scary. They had always thought that they were very much the same, ever since they bloomed from their poinsettia, and that they would always do the same things together. It wouldn’t be the same if they all went and did different things.

The three sisters weren’t sure what to do, and so they looked for help and advice from someone they know was very wise, Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus patiently listened to what the three elves had to say, and then gave them all a big hug. “My silly little elves, it isn’t how you are the same that makes you special, it’s how you are different! Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was exactly the same? Going to different places and doing different things doesn’t mean that you love each other any less.”

The triplets took Mrs. Claus’ advice to heart and decided to join the clans that they loved. Nörra fits in perfectly with the Holhooja and reindeer and even worked with reindeer on Santa’s sleigh team. Nikäri was a wonderful Invengineer, and came up with so many useful inventions. And Nöli became a fantastic Postationist, and loved reading so many letters from children all over the world!

Listening to what they really wanted to do in their hearts made them so happy, and they would always remember that they would be close friends no matter what.

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