Senöki and the Christmas Owls (2/2)

Little Senöki knew that it was strange for an owl to be afraid of the dark, after all, they could see so well at night! He wasn’t sure what had caused it, but with his family out working many nights leaving him alone at the nest, he had become more and more nervous at night. Every strange sound was spooky, and every strange shadow was scary.

One night he decided that he'd had enough, and he would follow his family when they left for their late night work with the Holhooja elves. He gave them a head start so that they wouldn’t notice, and then flew after them with all his might, even though the dark forest was scary.

Everything was going well when a gust of wind came out of nowhere and threw the little owl off course. By the time he got his bearings he couldn’t see a sign of his family anywhere! All of a sudden everything seemed much more scary and dark.

A branch snapped and the poor little owl took off again in fear, not really sure if he was heading in the right direction or not. Then branches suddenly moved in the night with a scary clatter. Each new noise scared Senöki more and he became all turned around in the dark forest.

Suddenly he caught sight of a light in the distance, and flew toward it with all of his strength. What a relief, the light was coming from one of the Holhooja’s cabins!

He flies straight inside and into a corner to hide, much to the surprise of Kara the Holhooja who had been working on some reindeer equipment.

“Oh dear! What happened to you, little one?” Kara hurries over to check on the little owl. After a moment to calm down, Senöki is able to explain that he was running from something scary out in the dark.

“Why don’t we go and see together, I’m sure there’s nothing really scary out there.” Kara grabs a lantern and offers to carry Senöki. He doesn’t really want to go back outside, but does feel a lot better with the friendly elf.

With the light of the lantern, everything looks different. The scary banging sound was just a loose gate, and the branches that were moving was a sleeping reindeer! Senöki was embarrassed, but Kara laughed, “It’s ok to be scared by strange noises, just remember that it’s something familiar making them in the first place. Tell you what, I’ll stay up with you tonight and then help you get back home to your family in the morning.”

Senöki is happy to stay in Kara’s cabin for the evening, and even grows bold enough to ask her all sorts of things about the Stardust owls. They stay up all night talking and enjoying each other’s company.

When the sun had barely started to show in the morning Senöki is so exhausted that he drifts off to sleep. Kara grins to herself and pulls out some tools, starting to work on something happily.

Not too long after she wakes up the little owl with a surprise. “I used to be afraid of the dark too, but I found something that helps!” She pulls out a small stuffed toy in the shape of an elf, just the perfect size for a little owl to cuddle with.

“Since I made it with love, you can snuggle with this doll when it’s dark and spooky out, and you will never really be alone.”

Kara walks back with Senöki to his family’s tree and his family are oh so happy to see him safe and sound.

The next time Senöki’s family are off working, he snuggles down with the doll and dreams happy dreams of growing up and flying with them. The shadows outside just aren’t so spooky anymore!

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