Körry, The Newest Invengineer

Early one winter, not too long ago, a brand new Invengineer elf named Körry was joining the team. He had spent time out in the world as a Do-Good elf, like all young elves do, but he had decided that deep down what he really wanted to do was create and invent with the Invengineers.

Körry was so excited to learn from Ajatus, the Head Invengineer, and her whole team of creative scientific elves!

Each day he worked as hard as he could to follow along and do his best work, and he slowly started coming up with his very own idea for an invention. Körry had thought of a way to improve the communications system on Santa’s sleigh with a beacon, to make it even stronger and work better if Santa were to fly through a storm.

Körry almost shared his idea right away, but thought twice about it. It would be best to make absolutely sure that it was the best idea he could come up with before sharing it with everyone. The little Invengineer dearly wanted to make the best impression he could!

For the next week, when all the other elves were done working for the day, Körry stayed behind in the workshop to tinker away at his invention. If he just put enough work into it, he would be sure to impress the other Invengineers, maybe even Ajatus. If he really worked hard enough, maybe even Santa himself would love what he made!

Sadly, Körry kept running into trouble with his project. Try as he might, he just couldn’t get things to work the way he wanted, and all of the late nights were starting to wear on the tired little elf. He was starting to think that if he didn’t work hard enough and get his communication beacon working, maybe he wasn’t good enough to be an Invengineer.

That evening while he was working away and getting more discouraged, Ajatus herself surprised him at his workbench. She had come back to the workshop to pick something up and noticed the newest Invengineer working away.

Körry was certain she would be disappointed in him, and she was, just a little. “You have to remember,” she explained with a grin, “we’re all one big team. If you’re having trouble with anything, there is no shame in asking for help. If we put our heads together, we can always do more than we can do alone!”

Much to the little Invengineer’s surprise, Ajatus rolled up her sleeves and started asking all sorts of questions about his project. She wasn’t going to leave until she helped get things working.

Early the next morning, the two elves were tired, but very excited. The new communication beacon was working, and all thanks to teamwork!

Ajatus insisted that Körry present his invention to Santa himself. He was very nervous, but she was right there to back him up, and her excitement about the project gave him courage.

Just as the Head Invengineer expected, Santa was very pleased with the new invention, he wanted it installed on the sleigh right away!

Körry was so very proud of himself, and thankful to Ajatus. She had taught him an important lesson and he would always remember to ask for help when he needed it from now on!

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