Kaino's First Year (2/2)

Not quite sure what to do, Rokou and Kaino decide to go and talk with reindeer who had been on Santa’s team before and their Holhooja partners. Surely they would be able to explain the qualities that mattered the most for being on Santa’s Sleigh team.

Malta and Pritt have both pulled the sleigh before, and they are already training at the Polar Ranch with their Holhooja. Kaino is a little bit intimidated by the bigger reindeer, but asking them was a great place to start.

When Kaino asks them what they think was most important to be on the sleigh team, both of the bigger reindeer think for a few moments.

“Well,” says Pritt, “one of the things that I enjoy the most when I’m working with the team is how much everyone looks out for each other. We must always be there if anyone needs us, and trust that each one of us will be there for us.”

Malta nods, “That’s right, teamwork! If one of our teammates is having trouble, we always work together to help solve their problem. It’s important! Just like us helping you now when you have questions.”

Kaino and Rokou spent the rest of the day discussing these answers, and just what they might mean.

The next day they found more reindeer to ask, and this time they were told that respect and loyalty were important.

The day after, compassion and caring for each other.

And the day after that, honesty and trust.

All of the answers the other reindeer have given him are fine, but Kaino still doesn’t know how he can use them to prove that he can be a team player. The little reindeer is nearly beside himself with worry wondering just what he can do. For the longest time he can’t get to sleep, and when he does sleep he has unhappy dreams.

Kaino is surprised in the morning by a visitor, and even more surprised to see who it is. One of the younger reindeer who he had been so mean to!

“My mom and dad always tell me that it’s important to care about others and to forgive them. So I wanted to tell you that I forgive you, and that even if you were mean, I’m ok!”

Kaino is touched by the little reindeer, he wasn’t sure if he would have forgiven himself, and suddenly he has an idea! “How about I make it up to you? Will you help me find everyone else I was mean to?”

One by one, Kaino and the little reindeer find all the other reindeer that Kaino had bragged to, and Kaino makes an offer. “I feel very bad about what I said, and I’m sorry. I would like to make up for being so mean to you all by helping you to train too! We can all meet every morning and do special practices, and I’m sure you’ll all be on the sleigh team one day too!”

Some of the little reindeer aren’t so quick to forgive Kaino, but none of them can pass up on the offer to train together. They start straight away that very morning, and Kaino all but forgets why he’s doing this in the first place, he’s just having so much fun helping the other reindeer.

He ends up spending the entire morning, and even past lunch, working with each of the little reindeer to find out what they seem to be best at, and what they need to work on the most. He does his best to figure out the best way for each of them to train.

Early in the afternoon Rokou comes looking for Kaino, “I finally found you! What have you been doing all morning?”

The younger reindeers all rush up excitedly and talking over each other.

“Kaino has been training us!”

“Kaino showed me how to do a flip!”

“He’s helping me run faster!”

“I can jump even higher now!”

Rokou laughs at the outburst, happy to see all of the reindeers so happy. “That sounds like a great way to spend your morning Kaino, I’ll help out!”

For the rest of the day the group works together with Kaino and Rokou, who has even more tips for all of them. The work helps them to feel calmer and less worried about the week. They decide that they would both do this again the next morning, even if it means missing out on working on their problem for another day.

The next morning, after the group has been training together for a few hours, another of the Holhooja elves, Kara, arrives and starts watching them. After a little while she waves Rokou and Kaino over. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but Santa sent me to fetch you. He wants to talk to you both.”

Kaino suddenly starts to feel worried, but follows along with Rokou and Kara. This time he feels ashamed of himself and embarrassed at his actions earlier that week.

Santa is at the Polar Ranch waiting for them, and laughs merrily when he sees them. “Kaino, I know what you’ve been up to. You must keep your promise and train the younger reindeer, share your gifts with others. Being proud of what you can do is important, but never let it make you forget that everyone is important, and special in different ways. There is never any excuse for being mean to each other.”

Santa pats Kaino on the back, “Now don’t you worry, your spot on my sleigh team is safe, and I expect you to train extra hard with Rokou here. You must be in top shape for the big night!”

To this day, Kaino holds regular training with all the young reindeer who wish to join in. He does his best to encourage each of them and find what special talents they each have, because he knows that everyone is special in a different way.

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