Hanï, Karamelli and the Magic Door

Hanï may be the smallest reindeer in the North Pole, and Karamelli may be the shyest, but they are the best of friends!

The pair of little reindeer spend nearly all their time together playing and exploring Santa’s Village. But they have started to run out of places to explore, and need to come up with something new.

What would be more interesting than Santa’s Village? The world that the Do-Good elves travel to all the time! Hanï and Karamelli know that the elves use a magic door to travel to and from the village, maybe they could use it too!

And so the two little reindeer come up with a plan, to sneak into the Workshop and find their way through the magic door. They are bound to have a wonderful adventure wherever they end up!

Late one night when the Crafticians were done with their work, Hanï and Karamelli sneak into the Workshop. It’s dark, but they find their way through the rooms until they find the magic door, luckily, it’s still on!

Hanï jumps over the control panel and sniffs around, trying to figure out how to make the door work, while Karamelli waits nearby nervously. After he bops the controls a few times with his nose the door suddenly lights up, it seems that it worked!

Excited and a little nervous, the two reindeer jump through the magic door before anyone notices.

But where did they end up? As the two reindeer stepped out of the magic door they aren’t really sure just where they are. They seem to be inside a building with a lot of hay, a barn!

From the other side of the barn, a large white animal with big black patches trots up to greet them. The two little reindeer have never seen an animal like this, she looks a little bit like a strangely colored reindeer, but bigger and with strange small horns. “Well hello there, where did you two come from?”

“We’re from the North Pole. Are you a reindeer too? Why are your horns so small?” Hanï asks while sniffing at the strange black and white animal.

She laughs merrily and shakes her head, “Oh no, little one, I’m a cow, my name is Bessy, and my horns are quite normal! Are there no cows where you come from?”

Karamelli shakes her head from her spot behind Hanï, she isn’t sure about this new animal and is feeling shy. Hanï introduces them and talks enough for both of them though, explaining how they got here.

They spend the whole afternoon playing at the farm and met all of the other animals. They met ducks and goats, chickens and pigs too! So many new friends to meet! After a while, Karamelli even feels less shy, and is having fun too!

After a while though, they started to realize that they don’t know how they are going to get home. Karamelli begins to get nervous. “Hanï I miss home, how are we going to get back?”

“I’m...I’m not sure,” The little reindeer realize that they hadn’t really thought things through. They didn’t know how to open the magic doors back up from this side...what if they couldn’t find their way home!

Bessy does what she can to reassure them both.“Now, now little ones, I’m sure you’ll find your way home sooner or later, and you’re welcome to stay here until you do.”

Hanï and Karamelli are starting to feel a little bit better when all of a sudden there is a shout!

“Hello, both of you!” The animals all turned to see an elf coming out of the barn! “Hanï, Karamelli, are you both okay? I saw you go through the magic door but couldn’t figure out where you ended up until now!”

The two little reindeer are so very relieved to see the elf, they aren’t stuck after all! They have so many stories to share on their way back together to the North Pole. It was lovely to meet new friends, but they both couldn’t wait to get back home! The next time they wanted to go on an adventure they would be sure to ask someone to come with them.

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