Secret #809 – What is the Postationist clan?

Hello Santa’s Village, I have a question!

I heard that there are Postationist elves, are they like the mailman, but for santa’s village?

~ Love Billy


Hello hello Billy!

I’m Leena the Postationist and I’m the perfect elf to answer your question. It’s a wonderful question too, we Postationist elves are very important!

Whenever anyone around the world writes a letter to the North Pole, like yours, it goes to the Post Office in Santa’s Village. We Postationists are responsible for making sure that each and every message that arrives is read and sorted into the proper place.

What that means is that whatever you wrote in your letter makes it into your Big Book. That’s right! Every time you write to Santa or us elves, your letter is magically kept forever in your Big Book, we wouldn’t want to forget any details about you at all!

In addition to managing the Santa’s Village Post Office, the Postationist elves handle all communications with the outside world (like this one!), including getting reports from the Do- Good elves out in the world, who send in weekly reports on the activities of the children they’re assigned to watch over.

The Postationists are also responsible for making sure children all around the world know how to get in touch with Santa. Traditionally, they could write Santa a letter at the North Pole. But everything changed in the last few decades with the introduction of the  Internet! Now we can receive letters, emails, posts, texts, and all sorts of messages! The Postationists read every single message sent to the village, down to the last word, and make sure that each child’s Big Book is updated with the contents of their messages.

The Postationists are now fully equipped with computers that can print letters, send replies, and manage all communications by email. While some older Postationists are still learning these new technologies, the younger ones are proud to show off their tech-savvy skills. We even have a special group of elves who take care of Santa’s Facebook and Twitter! He’s not quite as good at using computers as we are yet, so we help out where we can. You might even see one of us answering messages on social media!

Did you know that out of all the elves, the Postationists speak the most languages? We have to in order to understand everyone’s messages! They are also good talkers, great listeners, and the best storytellers!

Thanks again for your question Billy, I have to get back to reading some other letters now!

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Merry Christmas


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