Secret #808 – What is the Invengineer clan?

Hello everyone at the north pole! I hope you get my letter! What are the Invengineer elves?

What do they do? Do they make toys like the Crafticians?

~ Lucia from Italia


Ciao Lucia! This is Leena the Postationist, and we sure did get your letter!

Your guess is super close! The Invengineers all used to be Crafiticians! A bunch of geeky Crafticians decided to form a sub-committee of tech-savvy elves who were interested in technology and inventing.

You see, they were much more interested in creating wonderful machines than toys, so they followed their dreams!

They do still work closely with the Crafticians, and many of them help design toys that are more technically complicated and use electronics.

After compiling an electronic inventory of all the toys in the workshop, they’re the ones who first introduced the Internet into Santa’s Village, and convinced Santa to use this new tool to communicate with children all around the world. Since then, these elves make sure the village stays on top of the latest technologies.

Invengineers are very enthusiastic about inventing. They create amazing new technology and are always thinking up new ideas for the future of fun, even in their spare time! It is not uncommon to find them working on personal projects like snow robots or decorative satellites. These elves are curious and experimental. They wear lab coats and work in the Toy Lab.

Their inventions make everyone’s lives so much easier and magical! They include the Wrapping machine, that automatically wraps any present you drop into it! The Letter Sorting machine, that automatically displays what’s in a letter without even needing to open it, and then transfers that into the child’s Big Book magically! There are also the Magic Doors that the Do-Good elves use to travel from Santa’s Village out into the world, and shrink down to be tiny!

Everyone in the village is so excited every time the Invengineers announce a new invention. They also work on Santa’s sleigh. Each and every year they work hard to make new upgrades to keep the sleigh working even better than the year before.

But the most important thing that they Invengineers did? It was creating the Portable North Pole console! This is how Santa sends out messages to children all over the world! The Invengineers worked closely with the PNP production team to develop the console, and make sure that it works properly for everyone.

Thank you Lucia, and remember to be good!

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Merry Christmas


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