Secret #807 – What is the Craftician clan?

Hello Santa!

Do all of the elves make presents, or only some of them? It must be a lot of work! I make crafts sometimes and it’s really fun, especially when mummy crafts with me!

Thank you all of the elves! And thank you Santa!

~ Lilly from London


Hi Lilly!

This is Lunot the Postationist! I absolutely love your question, and I’ll be happy to answer!

Not all of us elves make presents, it’s true! We all have different jobs in Santa’s Village, and the Craftician elves are the ones who are the toy-making experts.

These elves are in charge of Santa’s toy-making Workshop. As skilled with their hands as they are with magic, they use a thoughtful blend of both to make mountains of toys, of all different kinds, in record time. From books and stuffed animals, to remote control planes and video games, they can make any kind of toy you can think of!

Some of them specialize in designing new toys, meaning that they come up with ideas for all of the other Crafticians to build. While some others prefer the production side of things, putting everything together by hand (and magic!) There are even some Craftician elves who are in charge of making clothes for everyone in the village, since they are so good at making things. One thing that each and every Crafitician has in common is that they all have a lot of fun and love to show off their creativity.

Over the years, the Craftician elves have had to learn many different toy-making techniques to adapt to the latest trends, so that they never disappoint the toys’ future owners! 

There are also a select few who are responsible for making Santa’s magical red coat, which has to hold up to the cold weather throughout the holiday season, as well as the heat from chimneys he might be going through!

When they aren’t busy crafting different things, the Craftician elves are the life of the party!

They help make sure that the other elves have enough fun. With their vivid imaginations, they are always inventing new games and activities, which they test out the everyone else each Saturday night after suppertime!

Craftician elves truly are the masters of magic and making things.

I hope that answers your question Lilly, et au revoir!

~Your helpful Postationist elf, Lunöt

XO Merry Christmas!


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