Secret #806 – What is the Kapunki clan?

Hello! I’m Kelly, and I heard about Kapunki elves, their name starts with a K just like me!
What do they do?

Thank you and I love you!

~ Kelly from Kentucky


Hi Kelly! This is Leena the Postationist elf, here to answer your letter!

What a wonderful question Kelly from Kentucky! I’m so very grateful for the Kapunki elves, and I would love to talk about them with you!

Every elf clan in Santa’s Village is truly important, and Christmas wouldn’t happen if we didn’t all work together. Even so, if it wasn’t for the Kapunki elves, nothing would ever get done in Santa’s village!

They are the one clan that Mrs. Claus is in charge of, and they are the most organized out of all the elves, just like Mrs. Claus. They take care of so many things around the village, it can be hard to keep track of it all!

Out of all of the elf clans, the Kapunki elves have the most varied jobs of all, they do so many things! They might be cooks, decorators, architects, gardeners, mechanics, builders, advisers, or sled drivers to make sure when things need to be moved through the village they get where they need to go. Any job that needs to be done, there is a Kapunki elf to do it. These organization specialists have a knack for making sure that things are where they need to be when they need to be, always in working order, everyone has a  plan and is on time.

You could say that they are the managers of the north pole!

Most importantly of all, they help Mrs. Claus tend to the Enchanted Greenhouse, and the polar poinsettias in its center. These flowers are super special, because once a year, they bloom into brand new baby elves! This makes the greenhouse one of the absolute
most important places in theNorth Pole!

The Kapunki elves have very big hearts, and are so very sweet and thoughtful. Even though they tend to be a bit more shy and quiet than the other elves, whenever anyone needs help with something, you can bet there is a Kapunki who will be there to help.

So always remember that even though you might not be able to see what someone is doing for you, it can still be the most important thing in the world!

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Merry Christmas


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