Secret #805 – What is the Do-Good clan?

Hi Santa!

You’re just one person, how do you watch all of the kids in the world? Is it the elves?

~Abby from Ireland


Hi Abby! This is Lanky the Do-Good elf! The Postationists asked me to answer your question since I would know best.

As we all know, Santa has a way of finding out everything about everyone there is. Whether you are being naughty or nice, listening to your parents or not, Santa knows it all. He even knows when you move and where you move to!

A lot of you curious kids ask us how he is able to get all this information, and the answer is simple! Santa is able to watch ever everyone with the help of your good friends, the Do-Good elves.

These little elves live in your homes, and pay attention to everything you do. Every dish you don’t wash, every tooth you don’t brush, every time-out you have and every please and thank you that comes out of your mouth. Your do-good elf is always there, watching and learning from the human world and as their teacher, you must set a good example for them and make your parents and Santa proud.

When one of these elves has spent enough time with you to learn the importance of being kind, sweet and honest they can choose to either return to the North Pole and work in Santa’s Village or they could choose to stay here with you and watch over you for Santa. To prove they are a Big Elf and ready for the next step they must embody the spirit of Christmas while spreading good cheer around the world, which you help them achieve through your kind actions every day.

Santa’s Village is filled with so much magic it is hard to believe that some elves rather stay here on earth then go back. There is one reason why they chose to stay and that is because of children like you. The bond you share and the good lessons you teach these elves make you so special to them and oftentimes, these elves want to continue being close to you and learning from you. Not only are they your companion but they are also your newest family member.

When it comes to Santa keeping track of you, he couldn’t do it without the Do-Good elves.

You see, every child has a Big Book and inside each book there is everything Santa will ever need to know about you. It has both your naughty moments and your nice moments throughout your lifetime, and includes all the little things that make you unique. This book has every toy you like to play with and every toy you wished you had. It has a list of your favorite foods and a list of foods you can’t stand. This book has the names of your parents, your siblings, and your best friends. All from what your Do-Good elf reports about you back to Santa.

It’s up to your Do-Good elf to let Santa Claus know everything about your life, including all the things that have changed, from last year to this one.

Have a Merry Christmas Abby!

~Your friend Lanky


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