Secret #772 - How does Santa relax after Christmas?

Hello everyone at the North Pole!

Santa must be really tired after Christmas, what does he do to relax? I like to take naps!

~ Benny from Belfast


Hello Benny!

I’m Leena the Postationist, here to answer your letter for Santa!

You’re certainly right that Santa is very tired after traveling all around the world in one night, the very first thing he does is take a really long nap. We all like naps here at the North Pole too!

Of course, every elf knows that one of Santa's favorite ways of relaxing will always be to have some hot cocoa while reading through children's Big Books!

For most of January Santa spends as much time as he possibly can relaxing with Mrs. Claus and the elves. This includes having lovely meals together, playing in the snow, skating or snowshoeing, and watching the beautiful aurora borealis and stars together at night. Santa and Mrs. Claus have a tradition of going on a trip around the world each year, much slower than Santa’s Christmas Eve trip of course! They visit many different places and enjoy seeing the sights just like any other tourists on vacation.

They also take time to enjoy their home in the North Pole, and visit all of the elves and animals to catch up with everyone and make sure they are relaxing as well. Santa knows how important it is to make sure you relax and take care of yourself after working very very hard on  something.

As for everyone else, after Christmas day, we all get a three-week vacation to do anything that we want to do. We can relax at home, or travel the world too if we want to, it’s so much fun!

I think I’m going to go have a nap myself, all this talk about relaxing has me feeling tired, thank you for your question Benny!

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Merry Christmas