Secret #67 – Does Santa have any pets

Hola Santa’s Village!

I love animals so much! I have a pet dog, and a pet cat, and I have a fish too! Are there a lot of animals at the north pole, even though it’s so cold? Does Santa have any pets?

~ Maria from Chile


¡Hola Maria!

I’m Leena the Postationist, and I love animals too, they’re amazing aren’t they! And the Holhooja elves love animals even more, they live with them on the Polar Ranch!

There are so many animals in the North Pole, where Santa’s Village is, many more than you might think.

They include the clever arctic fox, the happy arctic hare, and the energetic snowshoe hare, whose fur coats all change colour depending on the season! The tall and dependable moose, who sometimes help to pull loads that are just a bit too large for the reindeer. The funny polar bear,  who blends in so well with the snow you might have a hard time finding them! The busy puffin, who must be a cousin of the penguins in the south, they look very similar. Then there are lots of different dogs and cats, and of course, the reindeer too! 

Now, in Santa’s Village we mostly have smaller animals, like dogs and cats. Many of the elves, and even Santa and Mrs. Claus, have a furry friend who keeps them company. Sandy Claws the cat loves spending her days following Mrs. Claus around, in between cat naps of course!

You might know that Santa can communicate with animals just like the Hoolhojas do. He addresses them just like he would any human or elf, and all animals truly adore him. While none of the animals are really his pets, you could say that he is dear friends with all of them!

I think that it is very special to have an animal friend, and so I always do my best to treat each and everyone kindly and gently. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?


Thank you Maria, and I hope Santa will visit you and your furry friends on Christmas Eve this year!

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf
XO Merry Christmas