Secret #624 - Do elves watch grown ups too?

Hello everyone at Santa’s Village. I know that elves watch children in their homes to see if they are behaving, but do they watch grown-ups too?
Should I write to Santa about my mom too?
Thank you!
~Micah from Russia


What a wonderful question Micah, thanks for writing to us here at the North Pole!

There are Do-Good elves all over the world, watching over so many people! It is true that each Do-Good elf’s first priority is to watch over a child and be sure that they are doing their best to help that child make it onto the Nice list each year.
Because of that, you may not think that elves are watching your mommy, daddy or your older brother and sisters, but the truth is they are! When a Do-Good elf watches over a child, he is watching over the entire family at the same time. Do-
Good elves have no age limit; they simply find joy in watching people they love, and they love all of you! Plus its not only humans that they keep their watchful pompom on, but they also keep an eye out for your family pets too!

It’s true!

Your dog, cats, rabbits and even your pet hamster or parakeet!
Some animals make Christmas wishes, but most of them don’t ask for anything extra because they are simply happy being your pet. You and your family are already their perfect gift and ultimate dream come true! But just in case, Do-Good elves report to
Santa on your doggies dreams and your kitties wish too. That’s why only some animals get presents on Christmas, it’s because they actually wished it! So you don’t have to worry about writing to us about what your mom is up to, we elves already know!

Sanoma, our SpokesElf and Chief Postastionist tell us, “Our Do-Good elves get so much joy in watching over everyone in your family, no matter who they are or how old they are!” He continues, “You can be sure that if you’ve got real Christmas spirit,
an elf will be watching over you!

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Merry Christmas