Secret #491 – How does Santa deliver all his presents in only one night?

Dear Santa’s Village,

I have always believed Santa delivers his Christmas Eve presents all by himself with the help of the reindeer. I should know because ever since I was born Santa brings me presents every year! The only thing I don’t understand is how he delivers all those presents to every girl and boy around the world in only one night?

It seems impossible to do?

Thanks for answering my question and Merry Christmas to everyone!

~Samantha, 9 ½ years old from Vancouver, Canada


Hi Samantha, it's Sanoma the Chief Postationist here, thanks for your question!

We get asked this question every holiday season and we never get bored of answering since it's a very important one.

I can tell you one thing right away, it would be impossible for anyone other than Santa!

There is a very special reason that Santa can do this, with help from a magical invention from the Invengineer elves: The Magic Pendulum. This magical clock sits in the center of Santa’s Village, right directly at the North Pole.

It is connected to the magnetic poles in the Earth, and though elf magic and tinkering, it can magically control the rotation of the whole planet! This means that the Pendulum can slow down time, or even stop it, so Santa and the reindeer have as much time as they need to make it all around the world.

Because this is the most complicated (and important) magical machine in all of Santa’s Village, only Santa himself and a special few Invengineer elves even know how to use it. These Invengineers stay up all night long on Christmas Eve working the Great Pendulum while staying in close contact with Santa. They are in constant communication through a radio on the dashboard of Santa’s sleigh and they make sure that Santa is always on schedule and back home by 6am—Northern Pole Time.

Thanks to elf magic, Santa won’t ever miss a child who is on the nice list!

—Sanoma the elf signing off from the Office of Human Relations!

Merry Christmas Samantha!