Secret #449 – Is it always the strongest reindeer who win the Summer Games?

Hello North Pole, Santa and the Elves!

I heard about the Summer Games and how the reindeer compete to be able to pull the sleigh, it’s so cool just like the Olympics! Do the strongest reindeer always win and get to pull the sleigh?

Thank you!

~ Garret in Glasgow


There are many talents that Santa looks for in his reindeer team, and while strength is important, it’s certainly not the only one!

Each of the different games the reindeer compete in is designed to test them on different values that Santa needs on his sleigh team. Strength is only one of these values, and if all of the reindeer on the team were only strong, they wouldn’t be very good at landing, or navigating, or traveling through storms!

A strong sense of direction is very important while navigating the world at night, and so is dexterity and agility to make their way through strong winds, clouds, or snowstorms. Quick thinking can be very important as well, it can be hard to predict what will happen up in the sky on Christmas eve.

Reindeer are also chosen because they demonstrate speed, bravery, cleverness, and great navigational skills. Each reindeer brings their own special gifts to the Games. Selecting reindeer who excel at each of these things makes sure that Santa has the very best team to pull the sleigh each and every year, but above all, they must have a courageous and kind heart.

Even with all of this, however, there is still one very important thing that Santa looks for in reindeer competing in the games. Teamwork and cooperation! If the reindeer cannot work well together and in a team, they won’t do very well pulling Santa’s sleigh together. It takes many reindeer to pull the sleigh not just one, and it is of utmost importance that they are all kind and trusting toward each other. The Grand Gift Delivery wouldn’t be possible without everyone working together!

I’m sure you can find plenty of opportunities to show off how good you are at teamwork before Christmas, Garret!

~Milken, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Happy Holidays!