Secret #319 – How does Santa know who’s naughty or nice?

Greetings Portable North Pole!

I have 3 young children who are all so different from one another. How does Santa decide who makes it onto his naughty list or who makes it onto his nice list. It always changes for my children every year? I try to help them all behave and do good deeds, but they still end up on the naughty list sometimes.

Fingers Crossed!

~Mommy Beatrice from Australia


G’day Beatrice and thank you for your wonderful letter and question! This is Sanoma, the Chief Postationist and Santa's SpokesElf, and I will be happy to answer your question!

It’s very true that one year a child can be on a nice list and the next year they can be on the naughty list...and vice-versa. Being nice is a full time job and we take being nice very seriously at Santa’s Village! The way that Santa finds out who is naughty and who is nice every Christmas isn't very complicated, but it takes a lot of teamwork!

Did you know that not only 1% of us elves live in Santa’s Village? Most of the elves, who we call our Do-Good elves secretly live with families in their homes on earth. Do you know why this is? It’s because they are carefully watching everyone's behaviour to report back to Santa at the North Pole! That’s how we know how much you love your kids, because we are hiding out in your homes, watching you and taking notes!

The Do-Good elves travel back to Santa's Village regularly to report in, and track everything about the children they watch into those children's Big Books. They can record a lot of information in the magical pom poms on their hats!

Closer to Christmas each Book is scanned in the magical Verdict Machine and thus delivers the final verdict of naughty or nice to Santa before Christmas Eve.

Now, that’s all the secret information I can give you Mommy Beatrice

—Sanoma the elf signing off from the Office of Human Relations!

Merry Christmas