Secret #273 - How many elves are there?

Hi Santa!

Thank you for my gift for Christmas and I promise to be good this year too! I want to know, there are so many children in the world, how can there be an elf watching each one?

~ William from Sweden


Hej William!

This is Lunot the Postationist, and that is a wonderful question! I’ll do my best to answer it.

Now that I think about it, there has never been an official count of all of the elves, so I’m not quite sure exactly how many of us there are! But I do know that the very biggest clan is the Do-Good elves, since almost all of them live out in the world and watch over all of the children who need watching over.

There are always just enough elves to watch over everyone in the world, report back to Santa about their behavior, and to make sure that all the presents are made and delivered each year. If you think about how many children there are in the world, that means that there sure are a lot of elves!

This is part of the special magic of the North Pole! Every year, just around new years, a small number of elves blooms from Mrs. Claus' enchanted poinsettias in the enchanted greenhouse, and there are always seem to be just enough elves to make sure everyone is cared for and everything gets done!

The smallest clans in Santa’s Village are the Holhooja and the Invengineers, but there always seem to be just enough of them to take care of the reindeer and coming up with new gadgets, so that must be part of the magic too!

I can’t wait until next year when more baby elves bloom, it’s always so exciting to get to meet new brothers and sisters!

Remember to be good William, and make your Do-Good elf proud!

~Lunot, your friendly Postationist Elf

XO Merry Christmas