Secret #123 - What are the reindeer's favorite snacks?

Hello Santa and the elves,

Thank you so much for my present this year! I have a question for you about the reindeer.
Do they eat anything, like a goat does, or do they have to eat special food? What is their

Should I leave the reindeer something along with cookies for you on Christmas eve?

Thank you for answering Santa!

~ Antonio from Portugal
Hello Antonio!

I’m Leena the Postationist, and I’d love to answer your question! Some of my best friends
are Holhooja elves who take care of reindeer, so I know more than a little bit about them.

First off, reindeer can’t just eat anything. Like sweets or fizzy drinks, those aren’t good for
their reindeer tummies, it’s the same with other animals too.

Most everything that is leafy and green and grows in the ground is ok for reindeer to eat, and
a lot of that is good for elves and little kids too! We all need our vegetables to grow up big
and healthy.

Usually what the reindeer eat is a mix of oats, grains, and greens, and the Holhooja elves
make sure that they get just the right amount of each. Vegetables are great, and some fruits
are good too, like apples. Just like you or me, if they eat too much or too little it isn’t good for
them! Gordot, the head chef, stayed at the Polar Ranch for a while to help come up with the
best recipes for the reindeer that tasted the best and made sure they all got all the nutrients
that they need.

Most importantly, the reindeer who will pull Santa’s sleigh have a bit of magical lichen each
night to make sure they can fly through the air just as easily as running on the ground. Only
the Holhooja elves and Santa know how to make the secret recipe.

Of course, you’d like to know what the reindeer like to eat the best, what are their favorite
snacks, right? Just like little boys and girls, each reindeer has slightly different tastes, but
there are two things they all love, and will appreciate you leaving out for them on Christmas
eve: apples and carrots!

Make sure you eat lots of vegetables just like the reindeer, and have a Merry Christmas

~Leena, your friendly Postationist Elf
XO Merry Christmas