The Post Office - Santa's Village - PNP

Each and every letter written to Santa eventually finds it way to a very special place in his North Pole village, Santa’s Post Office! Just like the Toy Factory it’s one of the busiest offices in Santa’s Village.

This huge building is where the Postationists work. This elf clan is responsible for receiving, sorting, reading, and documenting each and every letter, package, postcard, email, or any online message from everyone in the world. They just love reading each and every message, and they are very dedicated to their jobs!

Out of all of the elves, the Postationists speak the most languages. Every language in the world can be understood by at least some of them! The ones who are most fluent and eager to help may even be seen on Santa’s social media pages, helping him manage it and answer questions, since Santa isn’t very good with the internet yet!

The Post Office itself is one of the largest buildings in all of Santa’s village, and it is always very busy. Bundles of letters and packages arrive each day and are brought to the Postationists by huskies pulling delivery sleds. Everything is then sorted into the proper department. Letters go to the sorting room, while packages go to the unboxing room, which tends to be very full of empty boxes, so you will usually find a cat or two keeping the elves company!

The Postationist elves work very hard receiving and sorting through every letter and email you send, and they do their best to read each and every one! But, most importantly, they are responsible for making sure that what’s in the letters gets sorted into the right Big Book! Each letter from a child is magically stored into their Big Book. To save time in the Post Office the Invengineers helped to create the Letter Sorting Machine which saves time and makes the Post Office run much smoother. This makes sure that Santa always has every bit and piece of information about everyone. This is most important for children’s wishlists, and the Postationists make sure that nothing ever gets misplaced.

In the digital room, you will find the more techy Postationists. These elves are the ones helping Santa run his social media pages, and answering questions from people all over the world. They just love talking with everyone online!

A select few Postationists who are very good at communicating with humans are given an additional title of Helpful Elf. These elves help humans learn how to use our PNP console, to make sure everyone can receive their messages from Santa!

Above all our Postationist elves want to answer all of your questions properly and most importantly read and record each and everyone of your Christmas dreams and wishes. All of the Postationist elves appreciate all of your letters and so does Santa, so please keep your letters coming!