Santa's Sleigh - Santa's Village - PNP

There are plenty of ways to get around in Santa’s Village; snowmobiles, sleds pulled by dogs or reindeer, even the village Train, but the most important of all is Santa’s Sleigh. Santa is the only one who ever drives the sleigh, and mostly just for the one big night a year, the Grand Gift Delivery!

It is the biggest vehicle in Santa’s Village and is very easily recognizable with it’s bright red color, golden runners, and great big comfy seat for Santa to drive from.

Santa’s Sleigh is as old as time and it must be looked after very carefully by the Kapunki and Invengineer elves. Every year there are some small adjustments and improvements made. Some years the Invengineers even come up with really awesome new gadgets. Younger elves wouldn’t even recognize the sleigh if they had seen it from 100 years ago!

Perhaps the most fascinating part of Santa’s Sleigh is the magical gift compartment in the trunk. The trunk may look like it’s regular size, but it has endless room for each and every one of the presents that Santa needs to deliver. The more presents the elves load in, the bigger the space becomes for more gifts to fit! This magical invention is the one that head Invengineer Ajatus is most proud of, she was the one who managed to get the magic formula just right to make the whole thing work.

The sleigh gets a full tune up once a year and a new coat of fresh red paint as well as any other changes the Invengineers make. Once Santa’s Sleigh gets the final ok from the team that it is in perfect working condition from the elves, the sleigh is then parked in the garage of the Toy Workshop ready and waiting to be filled with presents!

Once every last present is loaded into the trunk (the Crafticians double and triple and even quadruple check!), the sleigh is then pulled to the take off runway using the town train on Christmas Eve where the 9 chosen reindeer on Santa’s team are hooked up to the sleigh by the Holhooja elves. A few final checks from Santa in the driver's seat, and then everything is ready for take off!

The sleigh’s dashboard has all kinds of tracking devices to help Santa once the sleigh is in the air, and has a direct communication line back to the Invengineers who know how to work the Grand Pendulum machine which slows or stops time. Despite all this technology, Santa tends to do most of his navigating by relying on the North Star while flying sleigh on Christmas Eve. He’s been delivering gifts for so long that he doesn’t need the extra help on his dashboard. He knows exactly where to find each and every child on the Nice list!