Reindeer Training - Santa's Village - PNP

Flying Santa’s Sleigh is an enormously important job that the reindeer take very seriously. In fact it is the dream of most young reindeer to be chosen to fly Santa’s Sleigh. All of the reindeer vying for a spot on Santa’s Sleigh come from their natural habitat in the steppes surrounding the village. They all come to Santa’s Village voluntarily and can come and go as they please.

Santa picks the 9 lucky reindeer who will pull him around the globe each year during the Summer Games. At the Summer Games all of the reindeer participate in different games and races and are chosen based on strength, heart, bravery and teamwork. The chosen team isn’t always the same year after year, but Santa does choose some of the same reindeer for many years in a row.

Once chosen, each reindeer then gets paired with a Holhooja elf who acts as a sort of personal trainer and coach. The Holhooja and reindeer work together every day to make sure that they are ready for the Grand Gift Delivery. The pair usually become the best of friends during their training.

Their training regime includes strict exercise and drills, obstacle courses to work on speed, agility, and strength. There is also a lot of group training, to make sure that they can work together as a team. Teamwork is a big part of Santa’s Village and he believes that working together well is the greatest lesson anyone can learn! The trainees have a special meal plans of grass, moss, ferns and herbs to keep them strong and healthy, and of course a daily double ration of magic lichen is always on the menu. This magical lichen plant is infused with stardust using a secret recipe only the Holhooja elves know.

The last step in reindeer training is to start flight training to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It is so important to prepare for any big day and just like you get ready for a school test, these reindeer get ready for Christmas Eve. Santa and the reindeer go through many practice take-offs and landings together before they officially leave for Christmas Eve. The biggest moment arrives when the rest of the village gathers around Santa’s Sleigh in the town square to cheer on Santa and the reindeer and wave goodbye! ...And they are off straight into the air as everyone celebrates a magical Christmas Eve! Safe travels everyone!