Santa's Workshop - Santa's Village - PNP

In the heart of Santa’s Village is his world-famous Toy Workshop. Every day leading up to Christmas, skilled elves called Invengineers and Crafticians work towards creating the toys of children’s dreams!

Both the Invengineers and the Crafticians come up with many of the new ideas for toys every year. The Crafticians have so many creative ideas and come up with the most fun and original toys ever! The Invengineers always know the latest advances in toy technology and create new inventions that no one else ever thinks of. That’s why we call them our “smarty-pants” elves! Besides their amazing ideas and innovations they also create the scientific formulas that make each toy work properly for ultimate fun-a-bility! That means everything that is inside and outside the toy like the megabytes and bits, electric wires, buttons, lights and sounds. The Crafticians then follow the scientific directions from the Invengineers to design and assemble each and every toy into a finished product!

We bet you aren’t surprised that the Toy Workshop is considered the ‘fun center’ of Santa’s Village and that the Craftician elves are the life of the party! The workshop always has lively Christmas music playing as the Craftician elves love to dance while they are making toys. It certainly makes the time pass quicker and helps all the elves work faster, even though they already have so much energy!

The Toy Workshop is a very large building with many different rooms. There is the imagining room where the Invengineers and Crafticians both come up with fun new ideas. There’s the Toy Lab, where the Invengineers wear long white coats and work on the tiniest details. There’s the main assembly room which has all manner of gadgets and tools to help the Crafticians put their toys together. But the funniest room is the Try-a-torium, where the Crafticians invite elves from other clans to come and be the very first to test out new toys! So when you think about it, all toy-making at the Toy Workshop is really a group effort!

After the Try-a-torium the presents go back on the many shelves in the main assembly room to be wrapped. Speaking of wrapping, to help out the Craftician elves, the Invengineers created a wonderful invention called the Wrapping Machine! The Wrapping Machine is filled with colorful paper, fun stickers and every kind of bow and ribbon you could ever think of! No matter the size of the present, the Wrapping Machine will have it wrapped in seconds! The final touch is a name card affixed to each and every present! We can’t confuse who the presents go to now, can we?>/p>

The only problem with this machine is that sometimes, clumsy elves fall into it and end up getting wrapped up like a present! They are so silly sometimes and can get carried away when they are dancing!

One thing will always be true, not matter how much technology grows, every gift that comes out of Santa’s Toy Workshop is made with love.