The Letter Sorting Machine - Santa's Village - PNP

Every year children all around the world write letters to Santa Claus, telling him about their good deeds, and what they might like to get as a gift for Christmas. Since there are so many children, the amount of letters that the North Pole Post Office receives is humongous!

The Postationist elves are responsible for receiving, reading, and sorting each of these letters. The details from each of these letters is added to each child’s Big Book, so that Santa can be sure to have everything he needs to know when he reads it. Along with the reports from the Do-Good elves, this is how he knows all about you!

They dearly love this job, it is so wonderful to read everything each child has to share and all about their dreams and wishes! But with so many letters pouring into Santa’s Village every day, it is hard to keep track of each and everyone.

Children around the world send millions upon millions of letters to Santa Claus every year and with the addition of email letters and social media messages flooding into the Post Office, it was beginning to be a lot to handle for the Postationist elves.

And so the Letter Sorting Machine was born! Sanoma the Chief Postationist worked with head Invengineer Ajatus and the rest of her team to build a magical machine to help with the task of sorting all of the mailed letters and packages to Santa. It is a wonderful combination of elf magic and technology to help lighten the load at the North Pole Post Office.

The Letter Sorting Machine takes up a whole wall in the Post Office, so that many Postationist elves can use it all at once. It doesn’t have any knobs or dials, just many screens over top of scanners. After a Postationist gets a child’s letter, all they need to do is place it on one of the Sorting Machine’s many scanners and, with a buzz and a whir, everything that was written in the letter will be magically copied onto the correct page of that specific child’s Big Book. The screen connected to the scanner will display everything that was inside the letter too, so the Postationist elf who scanned it can still read everything too!

This is possible because of the many stardust charged tubes that the Invengineers built going under the snow connecting the Post Office all the way to Santa’s Library, which houses every single Big Book for each child in the world.

None of the Postationists have to travel between the Post office and the Library, and the Big Books can stay right where they are. This is the best way of making sure no letters slip through the cracks and that all questions, and most importantly, wishes, make it safely to Santa!