The Wrapping Machine - Santa's Village - PNP

Have you ever wondered how all of the gifts leaving Santa’s Village on Christmas Eve are wrapped so beautifully? Or how the elves can wrap so many gifts in time for Christmas each and every year? After all, the number of gifts that the elves need to make goes up each year, since every year there are more and more good children on Santa’s nice list.

The Craftician elves are the ones who create and prepare all of the gifts for Santa’s Grand Delivery, and they sure do love their work! The longer a Craftician has been making and wrapping toys, the better they get at it, and many of them have truly perfected the skill of wrapping a gift perfectly. Practice makes perfect and many of these elves can even wrap beautifully with their eyes closed!

Of course, with so many children in the world the Crafticians can only keep up with making and wrapping a certain number of gifts each year, and this was turning into a bit of a problem. Some of the gifts weren’t wrapped as nicely as they should be since the elves were starting to run out of time!

Luckily the Invengineers were around to help! Head Invengineer Ajatus and her team put their heads together and came up with something truly wonderful to help the Crafticians wrap each and every present - the Wrapping Machine!

The Invengineers say that this is a fairly simple machine, but none of the other elves believe them! A present ready to be wrapped goes in the top, then the machine buzzes and whirs, and in just a few seconds out pops a lovely wrapped present from the front! No matter the size of the presents, the Wrapping Machine can wrap them all in the blink of an eye. All the Craftician elf in charge of the machine has to do is make sure the right name tag gets attached to each one, a very important job that must be done with care!

Inside the brightly colored machine there are pipes and cogs and who knows what other mechanical bits, as well sa colorful paper, tissue, ribbons and bows in every color, shape, and size you could possibly imagine!

To make sure that everything always runs smoothly, the Invengineers check and tune up the machine regularly to fix any small issues there might be. There was even one time when they had to help unwrap a clumsy elf who had fallen into the machine and gotten herself all wrapped up too!

This wonderful machine has helped to make sure that the Crafticians always have enough time to make present for every single person on Santa’s Nice list. If you have a lovely wrapped gift from Santa this year, you’ll know that it went through the Wrapping Machine!