The Polar Ranch - Santa's Village - PNP

Of all of the places in the North Pole, the Polar Ranch is one of the busiest and most interesting places in Santa’s Village. It is easily found by foot or by travelling through the Ice Grotto which links every area in Santa’s Village with a series of underground passageways and tunnels.

Here you will find the wonderful, cozy stables that the reindeer and other animals sleep and relax in, the Holhooja’s cabins, the large training grounds where they work so hard with their reindeer partners, and so much more!

The Polar Ranch is a place where all of the reindeer that work with Santa and the elves live; the trainees, the officially chosen team that will pull Santa’s Sleigh, and the retirees too.

The Holhooja elves live on the Polar Ranch too, since they prefer to live closer to the reindeer and the natural surroundings of the North Pole. They have small huts near the stables, and they live, eat, sleep and train at the Polar Ranch along with the reindeer.

The Holhooja elves will often hang a hammock in their reindeer partner’s stable and when not training, they love to relax under lots of blankets and simply spend time with their reindeer friends.

The Ranch is also located near the lake where magical lichen grows. This is what the Holhooja elves harvest to enchant with their special recipe, then feed to the reindeer to let them fly. Each of the reindeer chosen to pull Santa’s sleigh has to eat a double ration of the magic lichen each day once they are officially chosen at the annual Summer Games!

What’s more, there is even a whole area of the ranch and stables that is dedicated to the husky dogs who live in the village and work hard to help everyone travel or move things around the village with sleds. There is a special group of Holhoojas who take special care of these dogs, just like other Holhooja take care of the reindeer.

Many of the village animals and critters, and even some of the wild ones, like to come to the Polar Ranch and find a spot inside to cozy up and take a rest. Animals like Nӧbi the Husky, Sandy Claws the cat and Senӧki the snowy owl! Because of the magic of the Polar Ranch, all of the animals get along with each other, even if they would normally disagree or get into fights. It is always a lively place to visit.

The Polar Ranch is a special place and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most precious locations in Santa’s entire amazing village.